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Let Prestige, the Independent Mercedes Specialist take the worry out of servicing your vehicle with our transparent pricing.

Servicing with Prestige Motors

Worried about jeopardising your new car warranty? Our servicing will not affect your new car warranty as we are able to update the Mercedes Digital Service Records. And all the parts we will use will be Original Equipment Specification parts.

If your warranty is not an issue, you may want to have the work done cheaper. For this we use non-Mercedes parts that are the same specification as the manufacturers from a different manufacturer. This means your Mercedes is still getting looked after the way it should. We are also able to service your automatic transmission, including gear box servicing (with new filter), differential servicing, as well as other repairs to do with the drive-train.

Don’t own a Mercedes don’t worry, we also have experience in repairing a whole variety of other cars and will go above and beyond to give the best service possible.

We can Update Digital Service Record with Mercedes, use Mercedes parts under warranty and if out of warranty can use original equipment specification parts.

Why service your vehicle?

Component such as filters have a life whereby they effectively work, after this point they no longer work effectively, oil degrades and no longer lubricates correctly, also there is a pre-empitive maintenance of checking for items which are going to wear out or fail in the near future and preventing a small repair turning into a large repair.

6 good reasons for servicing….

1. It maintains the warranty
2. It keeps the engine health
3. It keeps you safe
4. It checks your tyres are legal
5. It protects the car’s value
6. It’s a false economy not to

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We check lights, wipers, brakes, tyres, exhaust, steering, suspension, fluid levels.
We would advise if anything is needing repairing now or in the near future or if not.

What is involved in a service:


• Engine oil & Filter

Top up fluid levels:

• Screen wash
• Engine coolant
• Power steering fluid

Check the following:

• Exterior lights & Horn
• Windscreen washer
• Suspension
• Steering components
• Braking system
• Brake fluid
• Strength of anti freeze
• Underside of vehicle
• Tyre condition

Other items that may need changing:

• Fuel filters
• Air filter
• Cabin filter
• Park plugs
• Brake fluid & coolant
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